Cage TMB
is the first driver of Warthog without a known background in the military. He appears later in the series, in Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Lost. Along with his character, his motives for entering the contest also change.

Twisted Metal: Black


Cage is a serial killer, just like Sweet Tooth. However, unlike Sweet Tooth, he feels remorse for those he kills, though that does not stop him from killing. By entering the contest, he hopes that Calypso will be able to remove the part of him that causes the feelings of remorse for killing others.


  1. I've been killing for 12 years. It's my passion. But something's wrong...every time I do breaks my heart...
  2. If I win this contest Calypso promises to remove the part of me that makes me sad when I kill.
  3. I've had one woman under my floorboards for 9 months. When I killed her, I cried like an infant. Why do I care so much?
  4. Minion won last year's contest. But I'm not afraid. If I can just find a way past his force field, I can beat him.
  5. Doctor's want to know why I kill. I say, who gives a shit why I do it. I want to know why it makes me so sad.
  6. This battleground is small and full of enemies. I gotta keep moving if I want to survive this.
  7. I once pushed a fat woman off a skyscraper. When she hit the ground? It was music to my heart...
  8. The police haven't caught me in 12 years. I will not fail. I'm too close to my dream...

Twisted Metal: LostEdit

Cage also appeared in Twisted Metal: Lost, again, as the driver of Warthog. While it is not entirely clear what happened between the events of Black and the events of Lost, it can be assumed that he got his other wish: the chance to fight Needles.

Cage lost. Badly.

The two killers crossed paths and Sweet Tooth made quick work of Cage. He kept Cage alive to teach him a lesson leaving only a head and a torso. No one knows how Cage is driving his vehicle.


If you look closely in his ending there is a part where he looks identical to Calypso.

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