Carl Roberts TMHO

Carl Roberts, TMHO

Sergeant Carl "Buzz" Roberts is a recurring character in the Twisted Metal series. He first appears as a driver in the original Twisted Metal, continuing with Twisted Metal 3, Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, and Twisted Metal: Head-On. He drives along side his sister, Jamie Roberts after his brief appearance in Twisted Metal 2.

Twisted MetalEdit

A good cop in a world gone mad. He has entered the contest in hopes of forcing Calypso to put an end to Twisted Metal once and for all...

Twisted Metal 2Edit

Buzz is briefly seen in the ending video of Jamie Roberts. It is revealed where Calypso sent him after he won the contest. He reunites with his sister and they manage to return to Earth.

Twisted Metal 3Edit

Buzz and Jamie are frustrated Los Angeles police officers who have been trying to stop the Twisted Metal contest for several years. They plan to end the tournament, cuff its drivers and eradicate crime everywhere, right after they pick up three dozen donuts at the local quickie mart. This dynamic duo packs some serious heat.

Twisted Metal: Small BrawlEdit

Little Officer Roberts enters the contest in search of justice for the neighborhood! He is out to put a stop to the bully Calypso once and for all.

Twisted Metal: Head-OnEdit

In Twisted Metal Head-On, He returns to compete in Twisted Metal once again in the same brother and sister duo. While Jamie wants to confront him verbally to end the tournament, Carl has something else in mind for Calypso on ending Twisted Metal.

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