Jamie Roberts TMHO
Captain Jamie Roberts is the sister of Carl Roberts. She is a police officer for the LAPD too. She appears in Twisted Metal 2, Twisted Metal 3, and Twisted Metal: Head-On. However, only in Twisted Metal 2 is she a solo driver. The other games she accompanies her brother.

Twisted Metal 2Edit

Capt. Roberts lost her brother to last year's contest. He was a good cop, like her, but Calypso sent him spiraling off into a mysterious location. When she wins, she plans to find her brother and reunite her family

Twisted Metal 3Edit

Warning! The following is non-canonical to the main story.

Buzz and Jamie are frustrated Los Angeles police officers who have been trying to stop the Twisted Metal contest for several years. They plan to end the tournament, cuff its drivers and eradicate crime everywhere, right after they pick up three dozen donuts at the local quickie mart. This dynamic duo packs some serious heat.

Twisted Metal: Head-OnEdit

After the events of Twisted Metal 2, Jamie and her brother returned to Earth with even stronger resolve to see the end of Twisted Metal. Working together, the duo intends to bring down Calypso and stop the vehicular blood sport once and for all. Although Jamie wishes to end the contest, she is unaware of her brother’s true agenda: to execute Calypso when the opportunity presents itself.

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