Krista Sparks TMHO

Krista, TMHO

Krista Sparks is a recurring character in the Twisted Metal series.

Krista Sparks debuts in Twisted Metal 2 and makes her comeback in Twisted Metal: Head-On. She is the daughter of Calypso in the original Twisted Metal storyline. She doesn't appear in any other Twisted Metal games afterward. She is the driver of Grasshopper in both former games.

In Twisted Metal (2012), Krista Sparks returns (but not as Calypso's daughter) as the alter-ego of Dollface. She is linked with the vehicles Juggernaut and Darkside.


Krista is an underage driver who faked her age to join the tournament. She will stop at nothing to find her father whom she believed dead for the last ten years. When they meet face to face, sparks will fly.

"I thought my dad was dead, but I was wrong. When they told me his name, I hit the floor. Could he be really my dad? When I win this contest, we're gonna have a family reunion he'll never forget for the rest of his life (which ain't gonna be too long)."

Krista has no actual wish, just to be reunited with her father. The L.A.P.D. used this opportunity to plant a bomb in her to take out Calypso.

In this game, she is brought back to life in form of a spirit by Calypso, in order to win the tournament and wish to be alive again.

In her ending, she wins the tournament and comes to Calypso. He cheerfully laughs and congratulates his daughter. However, she is furious, thinking that he summoned her spirit just to have another contestant and to kill "all those innocent people". She says that the father she remembers is kind and loving, not some monster that would make such despicable things. She wishes for the car accident that killed her and transformed her father never happened.

Later, she is shown to be in coma, dreaming of being a little girl and playing with her daddy, with Calypso by her bed. He says that it will give her some peace untill she is able to wake up.

As he leaves, the talk of two doctors is heard, one of them saying that Krista has been in coma for 12, maybe 15 years. (This implies that some other accident occurred and put her in a coma, but she is still alive).

A single tear drops from her eye.

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