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Paul Phoenix (ポール・フェニックス Pōru Fenikkusu) is a character who made his debut in the first Tekken game and since then has appeared in every Tekken game up to date. He is a hotheaded, aggressive character, determined more than ever to win the tournament to prove he is the best fighter in the entire universe (he means this literally, according to his ending in Tekken 5). He is very hostile towards the Mishima family and everyone and anything associated with it (most notably the Mishima Zaibatsu and Kazuya Mishima) and never hesitates to show this hatred in matches.

Although he gets close several times (especially in Tekken 3), Paul has never won a tournament. Also, despite his initial setup in the first game to be a possible rival to Kazuya, as well as his serious standing in previous games, Paul has become something of a joke character (story-wise) more and more. This is quite obviously evidenced by the fact that he is rivals with joke characters (Kuma I and II). Paul also had a comic relief ending in Tekken 5. Nevertheless, he is among the most popular and well loved Tekken characters.

Starting in Tekken 5 (but hinted at in Tekken 3 and Tekken 4), Paul Phoenix is characterized by his overconfidence and his muscle-brained attitude, as well as his oafishness.

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